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NRF24L01 Base Module

LKR 120.00
Input Voltage: 5V DC Output Voltage: 1.9~3.6 DC Current: 12.3 mA Adapted for 8 Pin NRF24L01+ Module On-board AMS1117-3.3 chip Dimension: 26 x 19 x 12mm

OpenPilot CC3D Flight Controller

LKR 2,190.00
* OpenPilot CC3D Flight Controller Staight Pin STM32 32-bit Flexiport
* The CC3D provides a crisp feel when flying tricopters, quads, hexas, octocopters, and even fixed wing planes.
* 3-axis Gyroscope array and 3-axis Accelerometer: MPU-6000

PH Electrode Sensor Probe

LKR 1,690.00
The PH electrode has a single cylinder that allows direct connection to the input terminal of a PH meter, controller, or any PH device which has a BNC input terminal. The PH electrode probe is accurate and reliable that can gives almost instantaneous readings.

Piezo Active Buzzer

LKR 40.00
5v Active Buzzer Magnetic Long Continous Beep Tone Alarm Ringer 12mm MINI Active Piezo Buzzers

Piezo Electric Disc

LKR 80.00
Specifications: Material:brass Diameter: 27mm/18mm Length of cable: 60mm Color:gold

Pixle LED 12mm 1pcs

LKR 40.00
Working voltage: DC 5V Power: 0.3W Waterproof: IP68 Waterproof

Pololu Reflectance Sensor Array -QRT8A

LKR 2,490.00
Specifications Dimensions: 2.95" x 0.5" x 0.125" (without header pins installed) Operating voltage: 3.3-5.0 V Supply current: 100 mA Output format: 8 analog voltages Output voltage range: 0 V to supplied voltage Optimal sensing distance: 0.125" (3 mm) Maximum recommended sensing distance: 0.25" (6 mm) Weight without header pins: 0.11 oz (3.09 g)

Power Module Boost MT3608 DC-DC MAX output 28V 2A

LKR 120.00
The maximum output current: 2 a The input voltage: 2 v ~ 24 v The maximum output voltage: 28 v Efficiency: >93% product size: 36 mm * 17 mm * 14 mm