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Infrared Reflectance IR Sensor Module TCRT 5000

LKR 190.00
Module features:Test reflection distance: 1mm to 25mm The working voltage of 3.3V to 5V Output form: digital switch output (0 and 1) Has a fixed bolt hole, convenient installation Small board PCB size: 3.2cm x 1.4cm The LM393, use of wide voltage comparator Size:3.1x1.3cm(approx)

Infrared Reflectance IR Sensor TCRT 5000

LKR 25.00
TCRT5000L Reflective Infrared Optical Sensor Photoelectric Switches

Laser Distance module time of flight TOF VL53LOX

LKR 990.00
Working voltage: 3 ~ 5V Communication method: IIC Measurement of absolute distance: 2m Xshutdown / GPIO (Interrupt) ​size:25mm*10.7mm Hole pitch:19.3mm

LDR 5MM Photoresistor

LKR 8.00
LDR 5MM Photoresistor 5506Light Dependent Resistor LDR 5MM Photoresistor

Level Converter 4 Channel

LKR 90.00
Description: High voltage is 5V, low voltage is 3.3V HV connect with 5V power supply LV connect with 3.3V power supply GND connect the power negative pole LVx input/output 3.3V TTL HVx input/output 5V TTL Bi-Directional transform between LVx and TVx

Liquid Level Optical Sensor

LKR 640.00
Features: 1.No mechanical moving parts, high reliability 2.High precision level control 3.Meet the safety standard requirements 4.RoHS compliant. 5.Easily mounting method with locking nut. measurement range:single-point measurements

Magnetic Door Window Sensor

LKR 240.00
Normally open reed switch
ABS enclosure
Rated current: 100 mA max
Rated voltage: 200 VDC max
Distance: 15mm max

Membrane Switch Keypad 3×4

LKR 190.00
Specifications: 4 x 3 Matrix Membrane Keypad 7 pin connector

MLX90614 Non Contact Infrared Temperature Sensor IR Temperature Acquisition Module GY

LKR 4,390.00
Power supply: 3-5v (internal low voltage regulator) Communication method: standard IIC communication protocol Factory calibrated in wide temperature range: -40 ... + 125 ° C for sensor temperature and -70 ... + 380 ° C for object temperature. Size: 11.5 * 16.5mm Weight: 2g

PH Electrode Sensor Probe

LKR 1,690.00
The PH electrode has a single cylinder that allows direct connection to the input terminal of a PH meter, controller, or any PH device which has a BNC input terminal. The PH electrode probe is accurate and reliable that can gives almost instantaneous readings.