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DC Motor Drive Module 2 CHANNEL

LKR 240.00
Product parameters: * H bridge motor dual drive, and can drive two DC motor or 1 line 4 phase stepper motor; * The voltage of the power supply module 2V-10V; * The signal input voltage 1.8-7V; * Single channel current of 1.5A, peak current up to 2.5A, low standby current (less than 0.1uA);

EasyDeriver stepper motor driver A3967

LKR 390.00
Main color:Red
Board size:47 x 20mm
Pin header size:51 x11mm
Net weight:7g

ESC speed controller

LKR 940.00
Features: This is THE BEST 30A ESC for multirotor This hardware, with the SimonK firmware, gives you the perfect solution for multirotor use Highest efficiency 100% N-FET design. Highest accuracy with Crystal Oscillator (Temperature won't affect the PWM operating range like other cheap ESC's).

Fingerprint Optical Reader

LKR 4,990.00
Specifications: Supply voltage: DC 3.8-7.0V Operating Current: <65mA Peak current: <95mA Fingerprint image time: <1.0 seconds Window area: 14.5*19.4 mm Signature File: 256 bytes Template files: 512 bytes Storage capacity: 1000 False Accept Rate (FAR): <0.001% (security level 3) False Reject Rate (FRR): <1.0% (security level 3) Search time: <1.0 seconds (1: 500 average) PC interface: UART (TTL logic level)

Flame Sensor Module

LKR 140.00
Supply Voltage: 3.3-5V Spectrum range: 760nm ~ 1100nm Detection angle: 0 - 60 degree Dual Output: Analog & Digital Sensitivity: Adjustable: Yes Operating temperature: -25 degrees Celsius ~ 85 degrees Celsius Size: 32 x 19mm Mounting hole: 2.0mm

Gps active antenna 6x20x6mm

LKR 390.00
Range of Receiving Frequency - 1575.42MHz Band Width(MHz) - 10MHZ Gain (Zenith)(dBi typ) - 0dB Gain(10°elevation) -5dB Polarization - Right-Handed Circular Impedance(O) - 50%O

HDMI To VGA Converter 

LKR 790.00
Feature: * Interface: HDMI Input, VGA Output. * Compliant with HDMI 1.3 standard. * Convert the video signal from digital to analog. * Upgrade Version, integrated with Audio output. * Powered by HDMI, no external power adapter required.m * Plug and Play, no software is needed.

Infrared IR Receiver Universal 1838 38Khz

LKR 20.00
TL1838 VS1838B 1838 38Khz Universal IR Infrared Receiver

Joy Stick Module

LKR 280.00
1. Size:37mmx25cmx32mm/1.45''x0.98''x1.26'' 2. Lots of robot projects need joystick. This module provides a affordable solution to that. Simply connect to two analog inputs, the robot is at your commands with X,Y control. It also has a switch that is connected to a digital pin. This joystick module can be easily connect to Arduino by normal IO Expansion Shield with supplied cables.

Keypad Plastic 4X3

LKR 790.00
4 X 3 Matrix Keyboard Module with 16 Keys 4 * 3 Plastic Keys Switch FZ0840

L298N Motor Drive Module

LKR 380.00

Using L298N made by ST company as the control chip, the module has such characteristics as strong driving ability, low1.Double H bridge drive 2.Chip: L298N 3.Logical voltage: 5V 4.Drive voltage: 5V-35V 5.Logical current: 0mA-36mA 6.Drive current: 2A(MAX single bridge) 7.Max power: 25W 8.Size:43 x 43 x 26mm 9.Net weight: 26g Note: *This module has a built-in 5v power supply, when the driving voltage is 7v-35v, this supply is suitable for power supply *DO NOT input voltage to +5v supply interface, however ledding out 5v for external use is available. *When ENA enable IN1 IN2 control OUT1 OUT2 *When ENB enable IN3 IN4 control OUT3 OUT4 calorific value and strong anti-interference ability.

Laser Distance module time of flight TOF VL53LOX

LKR 990.00
Working voltage: 3 ~ 5V Communication method: IIC Measurement of absolute distance: 2m Xshutdown / GPIO (Interrupt) ​size:25mm*10.7mm Hole pitch:19.3mm