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Gps active antenna 6x20x6mm

LKR 390.00
Range of Receiving Frequency - 1575.42MHz Band Width(MHz) - 10MHZ Gain (Zenith)(dBi typ) - 0dB Gain(10┬░elevation) -5dB Polarization - Right-Handed Circular Impedance(O) - 50%O

GPS GSM Tracker MS-TX5

LKR 2,290.00
Features: Real time location tracking, track playback. Support SMS and GPRS platform tracking. Built-in vibration senor, the realization of vehicle vibration alarm. Micro letter management platform, free control. Mobile client support android, apple system remote control.

GPS ModuleNeo6m V2

LKR 1,290.00
1. 3v-5v voltage available 2. Type: GY-GPS6MV2 3. With ceramic antenna, the signal is strong 4. EEPROM save configuration parameter data when power supply drop 5. Data backup battery 6. LED signal lights 7. Default baud rate: 9600

GPS tracker GT02A Google link real time tracking

LKR 3,990.00
GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz GPRS Class 12 TCP/ IP build in GSM Module GPS Module SIRF Star III GPS Channels 20 Tracking sensitivity -159dBm Acquisition sensitivity 144dBm Locating time cost Hot start:<2sec(open sky);warm start:<15sec;cold start:

GSM 3G 4G Antenna

LKR 590.00
Featueres: * Center Frequency:900/1800/2100MHz * Band Width:10MHz * Impendence:50 * Polarization:RHCP * Gain :3DBI * DC Voltage :3-5V * DC current :7-10MA * Max power:5W * Weight :45g * Cable :RG174 3m * Working Temp :-40-100

GSM module Sim 900A

LKR 1,100.00
1.SIMCOM industrial-level module: SIM900A. 2.1000UF high quality tantalum capacitors, powerful filter power. 3.TVS anti-surge anti-interference circuit is suitable for industrial situations. 4. Curved wiring + high performance antenna, the signal is very strong. 5. Gold-plated connection (IPX) with good contact performance.

HT12D Decoder 12-bit for 433Mhz Transmitter and Reciever

LKR 120.00
HT12D Decoder 12-bit and HT12E Encoder for 433Mhz Transmitter and Receiver

Infrared IR Remote Control Universal

LKR 240.00
Use the Mini key chain Universal Remote to control up to 500 brands of Televisions. This item is easy to program and works within a few seconds. Simply point and hold the mute button to program. Color: Black

IPX to RP – SMA Extension Cord

LKR 190.00
* Extension cable RP-SMA female bulkhead to Ufl./IPX connector SMA to IPX pigtail cable
* Product Series: RP-SMA to Ufl./Ipx cable
* Family: Coaxial, RF pigtail cable
* Gender: RP-SMA Jack,male pin/Ufl./Ipx
* Length:  17cm

RC Transmitter Receiver Control FLY SKY 2.4G FS-CT6B

LKR 6,990.00


Super active and passive anti-jamming capabilities.

Very low power consumption.

High receiving sensitivity.

8 model memory, digital control.

Can be programmed by PC with included software.

Full range 2.4GHz 6-channel radio.

4-Model Memory.

Receiver 3Channel 2.4Ghz FS-GT3B

LKR 1,290.00
Feature: The Standard 2.4Ghz 3-Channel Receiver for RC car and boat. Compatible with FS 2.4Ghz Surface Transmitter, very easy to bind. Channels: 3 channels Model type: Car/Boat Modulation: GFSK Code type: PPM Frequency: 2.4G Certificate: CE FCC

RF 433Mhz receiver transmitter module

LKR 240.00
Description: Product Model: XY-MK-5V Operating voltage : DC5V quiescent current: 4ma Receiving frequency: 433.92MHZ Receiver sensitivity: - 105DB