Flame Sensor Module


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Supply Voltage: 3.3-5V
Spectrum range: 760nm ~ 1100nm
Detection angle: 0 - 60 degree
Dual Output: Analog & Digital
Sensitivity: Adjustable: Yes
Operating temperature: -25 degrees Celsius ~ 85 degrees Celsius
Size: 32 x 19mm
Mounting hole: 2.0mm

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LKR 140

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The Flame Sensor can detect flames in the 760 - 1100 nano meter wavelength range. Small flames like a lighter flame can be detected at roughly 0.8m. Detection angle is roughly 60 degrees and the sensor is particularly sensitive to the flame spectrum. An on board LM393 op amp is used as a comparator to adjust the sensitivity level. The sensor has a digital and analog output and sensitivity can be adjusted via the blue potentiometer.

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