GSM module Sim 900A


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1.SIMCOM industrial-level module: SIM900A.
2.1000UF high quality tantalum capacitors, powerful filter power.
3.TVS anti-surge anti-interference circuit is suitable for industrial situations.
4. Curved wiring + high performance antenna, the signal is very strong.
5. Gold-plated connection (IPX) with good contact performance.

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LKR 1,100

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6. Welding process of industrial grade patch, stable welding spot.
7. Anti-static and shock-proof bubbl

1. Voice call function --- telephone alarm.
2. Receiving - sending SMS messages - SMS controller, SMS alarm.
3.GPRS function - communicate with the server and send and receive data through traffic.
4.MMS function - MMS send pictures, security and only home suitable for use.
5.DTMF function - resolve the key value of each other in the call and remote control of the phone.
6.TTS function - speech synthesis {need to contact us
7.LBS function - base station positioning.
8. Bluetooth 3.0 function.

PWK-- remove the short circuit point and drop down the switch.
DTR - DTR pin
RI - RING pin
RST--- module reset.
TXD--- connect to the RXD of MCU.
RXD--- connect to the TXD of MCU.
GND - GND function
+5V-- standard 5V power supply.
VBTA--- connect lithium battery.
GND - GND function
NET--- signal instructions.
D-R-----connect headphones-
D-T-- connect the headset +.
SPKP---- connect the microphone -
MICP-- connect microphone +.

e bag packaging, transportation safety.

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